Our professional team takes responsibility for everything from sourcing, project management, construction and installation. That way, not only can we provide you with a full, in-house service from enquiry to completion but we can also ensure your project is finished to the exacting standards that you deserve.

This approach encompasses the climate, the floors, walls and roof, the use of windows and doors, the heating and ventilation systems, water consumption, appliances and lighting. By integrating these components, a building can be improved and can offer significant savings in energy use. For example, a properly sealed and insulated home that incorporates energy efficient windows will be able to use a smaller, more energy efficient heating system. Below is a list of a few services we provide:

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The Eco Refurbishment Company has worked with us on a number of our projects over the last 3 years. Whilst their speciality is Sustainable building we found them experienced in all types of construction. Our clients regularly comment on the professionalism and flexibility of their staff.

S. Kang – Architect – Surrey